What you should know, to improve the WiFi network from home?


Every time we have more devices connected to the local network and the Internet in our homes, we are asked more and more bandwidth, low latency and ability to transmit data streams in streaming without cuts or interruptions. In an ideal world we would have the whole house wired with a gigabit network …

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Do you have something to tell the world?


Do it with style with this vintage machine with USB Writing has always been a point of romance. Something that seems we lost with the latest technologies. Fortunately the brand has designed Qwerkytoys typewriter Qwerkywriter. To make you feel like a writer without giving the usual all the advantages of the modern world.

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The cloud is not enough, at MIT they want to touch hands with data

Cloud Technology

Said Arthur Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And today we will talk about things that could be part of any movie of Harry Potter: what if the future simply consists in a world where the division between online and offline not exist? It’s easy to say but not so …

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Moto 360 Sport, a sports SmartWatch still far from being a sports watch

Moto 360 Sport

Design fashion and sport, These two are clearly the main segments where smartwatches are trying to gain a foothold while its usefulness is still quite limited and the price is not accompanied in many models. So there is this Moto 360 Sport we tested. After renewing its original Moto 360, while Motorola had a version …

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