Best UK Football Blogs

If you eat, sleep and breathe football, then you’ll want to know all the latest from some of the best soccer blogs on the internet right now. Regardless of who you support, these are some of the top blogs so you can combine reading about the sport with fresh new …

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Stay Safe during Rugby

Rugby is one of the highest contact sports and is very physically demanding, so it’s important to stay safe while playing. This is great exercise for many people, providing a great level of various types of exercise to maintain health, strength and weight. However, injuries do occur, and here is …

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Lenovo records your physical activity directly from the shoes, there are plenty of lights or wireless charging


In addition to devices with flexible displays and Tango phones that are capable of recording the environment in which we move Lenovo has taken its technology event in San Francisco a sneaker with a lot of technology. Responds to name YAOFAT F2. It was rare that there were some wearable …

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Moto 360 Sport, a sports SmartWatch still far from being a sports watch

Moto 360 Sport

Design fashion and sport, These two are clearly the main segments where smartwatches are trying to gain a foothold while its usefulness is still quite limited and the price is not accompanied in many models. So there is this Moto 360 Sport we tested. After renewing its original Moto 360, while Motorola had a version …

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