Contemporary sculptures as therapy

For centuries, churches have served as both galleries and healing centres. Perhaps the therapeutic value we have so long invested in works of art has seemed too self-evident to require further investigation. Image Credit Recent studies have investigated the value of sculptures for difficult conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. …

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What are the dosage of Kratom?

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When we are surprised in the daily life of suffering, we gladly resort to near-natural remedies, which do not merely promise moderation, but usually actually contribute to fighting. For example, in many other remedies, the effectiveness of the Kratom depends on the correct dosage. The Kratom dosage not only influences …

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Why choose a Staycation?

We all love getting away and enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation. For many, that will mean jetting off to sunny shores but if you’re choosing to stay in the UK then don’t feel like you’re missing out. Here are some great reasons why holidaying in your home country can …

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