10 Tips for the pregnant women

pregnant women

Do you want a healthy and comfortable pregnancy? We have compiled a list of 10 pregnant women tips to help you prepare now for a healthy pregnancy. If possible, consult your obstetrician before you conceive. Your doctor can also provide valuable pre-conception health information and wellness information to get you …

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Emergence of TV Dinners

TV Dinners are defined as ‘pre-packaged frozen or chilled meal that usually comes as an individual portion.’ These packages contain all the elements of a meal in a form that requires very little preparation by the user.  The name comes from a United States branded product ‘TV Brand Frozen Dinner’ …

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A big puff of air

Glass blowing is a delicate art form with a long history in the United Kingdom. The basic premise is that a molten piece of glass is inflated into a bubble and then moulded into its given shape. Image Credit Glass blowing can be undertaken in a variety of different ways …

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