In SMEs it is also growing as a worker


When a person finds a job in a large company tends to emphasize this fact as if it were synonymous with the greatest achievement that can reach a worker. A few days ago chatting with a person who has spent over fifteen years working in a small company. I decided …

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How to make money with a blog, make money online from home with your own passions

Make money online

Today we face a topic that, on Blog Collector, was treated very often under different facets: how to make money with a blog? And the question facing all those who want to make money online from home, possibly marrying the passions and working in full autonomy. Section earn online you will find stored all of our articles on business …

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Formulas to overcome the first two years


Did you know that 80% of new businesses do not survive this period? Ensures long-term success of your company with these nine formulas. In most countries of the world, 80% of start-ups does not exceed the first two years of life. And the remaining 20% ​​who survive, only 20% are over the …

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