Discovering kratom alkaloids

Kratom has an amazing chemical balance which makes kratom a perfect painkiller. For this chemical balance kratom also got some more useful effects on the human body. That’s why the best kratom can be an important herbal element in our daily life which can make our life easier and healthier. Kratom leaf got a bunch of alkaloids. Kratom resin contains some effective alkaloid elements like Mitragynine and Mitraphylline. These two kinds of alkaloid can do some important job in our body. Not only these two, but kratom leaf also contains another kind of alkaloid named 7-hydroxymitragynine in a little bit. This little amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine played a very important role. Alkaloids are mainly are some kind of mithaionic component which can make effects on our blood and body cells. Some alkaloid has the power to control our nervous system. Let’s know some important information about kratom’s alkaloids. Know more about kratom alkaloids here

Mitragynine and Mitraphylline

These two chemical components are the most important alkaloid kratom contains. Kratom leaf contains at least 1-6% of Mitragynine. Its molecular weight is 398.49 g/mol. The molecular formula of this alkaloid is C23H30N2O4. In every Mitragyna Speciosa family trees contain these types of alkaloids. As a Mitragyna Speciosa tree, these alkaloids are the most important alkaloid of kratom leaf. These chemical can interact with our body and blood cells. By these process, this alkaloid can relief any kinds of pain. These alkaloids makes kratom resin a most effective pain killer.


7-hydroxymitragynine is a group of 7 same nature alkaloid elements. This alkaloid group has the ability to control our nervous system. It also can makes us feeing refreshed and desired. That’s why this alkaloid group takes an important place in kratom leaf. Kratom leaf contains a very little amount of this alkaloid. It contains 0.01-0.04% of 7-hydroxymitragynine of its resin. It looks like a very small amount but its activity is more important than its amount. This alkaloid group makes kratom leaf more useful. 7-hydroxymitragynine also can make an opiod effect which makes kratom an opium element too.

So kratom’s alkaloids make it more useable and perfect. But as we say alkaloid can makes opiod effects. So we should try not to misuse kratom leaf or products. Be careful be safe. Don’t misuse kratom like other opium products.

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