What To See In Lithuania? The Largest Of The Baltic Countries

The Lithuania is a country well known from the tourism point of view, but it is a real jewel to be discovered. With its unexplored nature, the baroque architecture of Vilnius and its turbulent past, it will surely succeed in captivating you too.

How to get?

Unless you have a lot of time available, or a much larger travel plan that includes an on the road from Italy to Lithuania, the most convenient way to get to Vilnius is by plane. Now even low-cost airlines such as Ryanair arrive in Vilnius, and once landed, from the airport you can take the city bus no.2 that leads directly to the city at a cost of more or less one euro.

Getting around in Lithuania

Vilnius is so small that you will not need to move with the means, long walks are enough to see the capital.

To move instead between the other cities, it is better to take the bus.

Let’s face it, I’m a victim of the train, and often during my wanderings I travel by this means. But not in Lithuania. When I asked about the trains in the hostel, the receptionist advised me against it a priori. Too many jobs on the lines, which cause delays and detours. So here, book the Lux Express company bus. Cheap, fast, clean, with free Wi-Fi and drinks. In short, the right comfort at a very low price!

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What To See?



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We start the visit from the capital. As I said before, it is very small and in one, two days maximum is seen in depth. Do not miss out on the Artillery Ramparts, which offers an excellent view of the Republic of Užupis, one of the most spectacular neighborhoods in the city.

Also interesting is the small Amber Museum, a sort of underground in an amber shop. The visit is free and it is here that I discovered that this fossil can have different colors, and not only be orange, as it is in the collective imagination.

Another stage not to be missed is the University. With a few euros of entry you will receive a detailed map of the various courtyards and palaces to visit. And do not be afraid to enter the center of Lithuanian, the modern frescoes will repay the flight of stairs!



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It is not just a district of Vilnius, it is a real Republic with a constitution, a president and even the national anthem! Spend some time reading the constitution, exhibited in Paupio gatve, not far from the statue of the angel, symbol of the republic. Do not worry, it is not written only in Lithuanian, but it is translated into many languages, including Italian.

Trakai Castle


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A few kilometers from Vilnius lies this beautiful redbrick castle in the middle of Lake Galvè. This lake has 21 small islets, and on one of these rises the Castle. In addition to seeing it from the outside and taking a nice walk on the island following the route of the walls, I suggest you visit the inside too. Admission is free and there is a small surcharge for taking pictures, but it’s worth it.

Dune of Parnedis


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It is located almost on the border with Russia, on the curonian peninsula. From the mainland it is possible to get there only a few minutes by ferry to a beautiful town called Klaipeda.

And as soon as you arrive you will find yourself in an almost lunar landscape. I recommend, never leave the catwalks! First because you could cross over into Russian territory and it could turn out to be an experience that is anything but nice, depending on why the dune is being sucked slowly by the sea. Do not you too contribute to its dissolution?

The Hill of Crosses


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Perhaps the most magical place in all of Lithuania. It is a hill with more than four hundred thousand crosses. Getting there by public transport is a bit difficult, so I suggest you come to discover this corner of peace by car. You will find yourself walking among thousands of silent crosses. There are crosses of any size and of any material. And if you want to plant one too, there is the small shop at the entrance that sells all kinds.

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