Training Will Come to Your Business

Tower rescue training is one of the rescue and safety training classes in industrial settings that are designed specifically for unique work places that require employees to be ready for such emergencies and the techniques that will prove successful and will become second nature to your employees in times of such stress.

When a company is willing to come to your indicated location and do that training on-site, it means that class times are scheduled around your needs, there are no travel expenses and loss of work time incurred by employees, there is the ability to evaluate and adapt the level of training, all workers can be trained at the same time, and there can be real-life scenarios at the location.

It is preferred that classes be held in the facility where the employees work and are responsible for any rescues. The personnel know their work place, and it means more when the scenarios are on structures on which they may someday actually have an emergency.

Your rescue team members also have an opportunity to have custom-made and quality training which uses the most up-to-date business practices and concentrates on what is relevant in your field.

Tower rescue classes not only address tower safety but also the rope rescue needs required by self-rescue or team response. The classes present a purposely simple approach to master the basics that will have employees able to perform rescue techniques in a very efficient manner.

The classes cover communication towers, transmission, tower construction, windmills, and derricks. Class topics include safety, EMF, grounding, insulators, conductors, tower access, rope rescue rigging, patient access, and industrial first aid.

Custom training programs by experienced instructors are tailored to your company’s individual needs. For instance, if the job is working in tight spaces, there is confined space training. If the job requires great heights, there is bucket truck heights rescue training. There is the necessary training to meet OSHA and NFPA guidelines.

Texas Rope Rescue has offered such training to companies throughout the nation since 2000. No matter what the job is and where it may take employees, they have the right safety and rescue training classes.

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