How to create keyboard shortcuts for your Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome has many interesting features that few people take advantage of. It is what happens when you have such a powerful tool in constant evolution and there is something like an index of all the things you can do with the browser and you could not do a year, or two, or three. Many times it happens to us, that we find a button or an option that maybe we had not seen before and when we started to use it seems great.

This is the case for individual keyboard shortcuts for all Chrome extensions. I’ve been using the Google browser for years, and just a few days ago I found out that this existed, even feeling silly. If you like to use your keyboard to access everything faster, you have to try these settings to dedicate your own key combination to each of your favorite extensions.

Google Chrome

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The process is extremely simple, you just have to press the menu button to the right of Chrome, choose More tools and then click on Extensions. Or, you can simply type chrome://extensions/ in the Chrome address bar.

This will open the page from which you can manage all your extensions. Scroll to the end of the list and to the right you will see the option “Key Combinations”, click there and you will see a new popup window that shows a list with keyboard shortcuts for all the active extensions or not.

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From there you can configure a keyboard shortcut of your choice to start the extension or to activate specific functions of each one. Just click on the “Unconfigured” space and press the keys you want to use.

Google Chrome

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You will notice that some extensions already have keyboard shortcuts and it is a great way to discover them or change them to one that fits you the most. You can also choose whether the keyboard shortcut is Global or Chrome only. This has the utility of allowing you to use the same keyboard shortcut for other applications on your system without conflicting with the browser.

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