Type-R for everyone! Honda is considering more and less extreme versions of the more sporty Civic

Honda does not seem to be too happy with their current strategy. They want to sell more cars and their best asset they want is the aspirational variant of their most successful compact. The Honda Civic is a car that everyone likes, but they need something more that it seems could be split into several different versions of the Type-R.

With a fantastic dynamic qualities to make you cry with emotion, 320 hp maximum power and an aesthetic that loves to love, the Type-R is today a car that people like, but not enough. To give it a commercial boost the Japanese would be proposing a less radical variant and other even more specialized.

Honda Civic Type R

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More Type-R, more customers for Honda

Hideki Matsumoto (chief engineer of the Civic) has recently stated that a type option would be hanging around their heads. A car with less radicalism (especially visual) but maintaining the sport essence of the Type-R, with more luxury, could marry perfectly in the catalog of the Japanese firm and please those who see in the Type-R a car looking too extreme.

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On the other hand, the Civic Type-R is struggling to be generation after generation the fastest front-wheel drive in the Ring, but they want to be more than that. To get in the fight against other similar rivals but rather faster in general terms, Honda could be seriously considering the adoption of all-wheel drive with which to measure themselves, Ford Focus RS and put a little fear of the Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic.

Honda Civic Type R

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Also, it is not ruled out the option that the Type-R all-wheel drive is adhered with extra touches of power and automatic change. Did the hot hatch scenario seem uninteresting to you?

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